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Davidrajuh (2023)

"Colored Petri Nets for Modeling Discrete Systems: A practical approach based on GPenSIM"



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Hardcover ISBN: 978-981-99-6858-9

Softcover ISBN: 978-981-99-6861-9

eBook ISBN: 978-981-99-6859-6




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·      GPenSIM Software (website:

·        GPenSIM v.10 Software + Installation Guide



GPenSIM code for the examples given in the book:


Chapter-01: Introduction to GPenSIM

·        Example-01: Implementing a model with specific processors

·        Example-02: Implementing a model with common processors


Chapter-02: Colored Petri Nets: The Basics

·        Example-03: Resolving conflict with coloring

·        Example-04: A Simple Adder

·        Example-05: Color Pollution

·        Example-06: Specific colors are ‘Required’

·        Example-07: Specific colors are ‘Preferred’

·        Example-08: Tokens Without specific colors


Chapter-03: Modeling Classical Problems with Colored Petri Nets

·        Example-09: Modeling Producers-Consumers problem with Colored Petri Net

·        Example-10: Modeling Cigarette Smokers’ problem with Colored Petri Nets


Chapter-04: Token Selection from Multiple Input Places

·        Example-11: Token selection from multiple input places

·        Example-12: Mixing Colors


Chapter-05: Time-based Token Selection

·        Example-13: Time-based Token Selection

·        Example-14: Fibonacci Number Generation


Chapter-06: Token Selection based on Cost

·        Example-15: Firing Costs of Transitions

·        Example-16: Repeated Firings of a Transition

·        Example-17: Token selection based on cost


Chapter-07: Indexed Coloring

·        Example-18: Stranded Micro Community

·        Examples-19: Resources to realize critical section


Chapter-08: GPenSIM Resources

·        Example-20: Using Specific Resources

·        Example-21: Scheduling a Software Development Project

·        Example-22: Scheduling with Specific Resources

·        Example-23: Project Completion Time

·        Example-24: Modeling an FMS with Timed Petri Nets


Chapter-09: Activity-Oriented Petri Nets (AOPN)

·        Example-25: Modeling FMS with AOPN

·        Example-26: Modeling Producers-consumers with AOPN

·        Example-27: Modeling Cigarette smokers’


Chapter-10: Costs of Resource Usage

·        Example-28: Machine and Resource Usage Costs


Chapter-11: Run-Time Data Structures in GPenSIM

·        Example-29: Data structures




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