A tool for modeling, simulation, and performance evaluation of discrete-event systems



General purpose Petri Net Simulator

For MATLAB Platform


Reggie Davidrajuh

Email: Reggie.Davidrajuh@uis.no

University of Stavanger, Norway



Commendation for the software GPenSIM:


The Adelaide (Australian) research team about GPenSIM:

Cameroon et al (2015) “Rule-based peer-to-peer framework for decentralised real-time service oriented architectures.” Science of Computer Programming, 97, 202-234. Elsevier.  


Although there are many Petri Net modelling tools that support marked graphs, the GPenSim [30] modelling tool is ideal, primarily due to its flexibility in being able to control the system via the model to incorporate embedded computational components that can vary the token holding times.”

The Michigan (US) research team about GPenSIM:

Felipe Lopez, Kira Barton, and Dawn Tilbury (2017)

“Simulation of Discrete Manufacturing Systems with Attributed Hybrid Dynamical Nets,” unpublished paper.


“In the search for alternatives

for simulation of Petri nets,” … “Four toolboxes were identified as alternatives: the Petri net toolbox [14], SimHPN[15], HYPENS [16], and the GPenSIM [17]. Although none of them was designed to support AHDNs, the General Purpose Petri Net Simulator (GPenSIM) is flexible enough to interact with other MATLAB toolboxes or functions, which is why it was adopted as a starting point for an AHDN simulator.”




GPenSIM Book & Software:



A book by Springer published with the GPenSIM version 10 (Newest and stable version).




The book:  

Davidrajuh, Reggie (2018) “Modeling discrete-event systems with GPenSIM: An introduction.” Springer, ISBN: 978-3-319-73101-8


Online Extras for this book:

GPenSIM v.10 Software + Installation Guide + 38 Worked Examples


NEW! Online Addendum to the book:

Addendum-1: Implementing Colored Petri Nets in GPenSIM + Examples 39-49  

Addendum-2: Using GPenSIM Resources + Examples 50-56

Addendum-3: Cost Calculations in Petri Nets + Examples 57-60

Addendum-4: Creating Modular Petri Net model





GPenSIM v.9 (Older)

1.     User Manual for version 9.0 (PDF File) 

2.     Software code (Zipped MATLAB M-files, ver. 9.0) 

3.     Examples (Zipped MATLAB M-files)