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Davidrajuh (2021) “Petri Nets for Modeling of Large Discrete Systems” Springer


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ISBN: 978-981-16-5202-8 (Print)

ISBN: 978-981-16-5203-5 (eBook)



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·        GPenSIM (website:

·        GPenSIM v.10 Software + Installation Guide



GPenSIM code for some of the examples given in the book:


Chapter-01: Introduction to Petri Nets

·        Example-1.3  State Space

·        Example-1.6  P-invariant

·        Example-1.7  T-invariant


Chapter-02: Introduction-to-GPenSIM

·        Example-2.1  Pre-processor


Chapter-03: Models of Real-Life Systems

·        Example-3.1  Flexible Manufacturing System

·        Example-3.2  Circular AGVs

·        Example-3.3  Cyclic Processes


Chapter-04: GPenSIM for Monolithic Petri Nets

·        Example-4.2  Specific processors

·        Example-4.3  COMMON-PRE processor

·        Example-4.4  Model Checking Soda Vending Machine

·        Example-4.5 Performance Evaluation of FMS


Chapter-06: Toward Developing a New Modular Petri net

·        Resource Allocation System


Chapter-08: GPenSIM support for Petri Modules

·        Three Agents


Chapter-10: Activity-Oriented Petri nets (AOPN)

·        Application example on AOPN


Chapter-13: Model Checking for Collaborativeness

·        Coverability tree generation




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